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If you have DSL, cable, T1 or other high speed Internet connection you may wish to click on the image below for an interactive example (will take a little time to load, but it will be worth it). Requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or later.

By passing your cursor over the image you can see just a little of its power.

eDrawing Sample

We also do photo-realistic renderings and rather more complex animation than the one you see here

Folded Sheet Packer

This relatively crude animation is shown merely to illustrate how much can be accomplished in a short time. It is a preliminary concept model, done in about 12 man hours (including the different positions), for a device to package folded sheets in vinyl bags with a printed cardboard liner. Certainly it's a long way from a usable model, but is enough to present the basic concept to a potential customer.

The above is a representation of an "eDrawing", a powerful collaboration tool that we use to communicate design intent. Naturally it can be placed on a secure page protected by login priviledge so that we don't share your design with the world. It can also be provided as a self-contained (portable, standalone) application that you can have on your computer or on CD for presentation purposes.

If you have the bandwidth to view it you will be able to zoom, rotate, pan, make objects semi-transparent, move parts around, take cross-sections and collapse/explode the assembly. If we give you permission you could even measure the parts, dimension them and make annotations for us (or others) to read.

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