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For Engineers

Rapid Plastics and Metals Prototyping and Low Volume Production
(email Peter Lamporte for east coast sales)
The company can produce some impressive results. We have no
financial relationship with this company.

For Inventors

Disclaimer: We don't pretend to be patenting or marketing experts and we don't advise people regarding such things, although we're happy to try to point you towards helpful educational resources and/or advisors. We make no judgement as to whether your invention is marketable or patentable, but we will challenge you to think about it and research it and otherwise help you in any way that we responsibly can. We also do not accept projects which we deem to be outside of our areas of expertise such as to be unable to be confident of successful execution. Even so, there is never any absolute assurance that anyone can give that an unproven invention will work as intended. As with everyone, our good track record is the best and only warrantee we can give.