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Heat sealer machine in production

Production sometimes can't be enhanced significantly until automatic or semi-automatic machinery is introduced. Factory automation is one of the most important ways in which American industry can compete with offshore companies. Allow us to show you what can be done by taking your products and analyzing how they can be quicker, better and/or more cheaply manufactured. We design small machines or entire factory systems.

Injection molding technology is nothing new, but virtual prototyping is a relatively new idea -- an idea that can be very useful not only in evaluating how costly a product will be and how it should be manufactured, but also useful to draw the interests of investors, to please potential customers, and otherwise used in marketing and advertising. Note the wrap-around decal on this photo-realistic rendering.
Injection Molded Cup
Web Handling Machine
Some kinds of new products can't be produced at all without new technology. This copper web handling machine is used in metal vapor deposition -- without vacuum -- for creating products to be used in cutting edge microelectronics. This design, to the stage represented, was created in under 50 man hours . . . not finished to be sure, but proved out well enough for further engineering analysis.
Obviously there are many things that cannot be done by muscle power, even enhanced by mechanical advantage. This hydraulic tube resizing device takes a stock diameter and squeezes it to one of several custom sizes with interchangeable dies and enormous force, and does it cost-effectively.
Copper Tube Resizer
Tri-Segmented Keyboard
An invention isn't very viable until can at least be shown either actually or virtually (see Collaboration). We can take a rough concept, refine it, do the design & development, provide manufacturing advice, prototyping and drawings to inventors, and assurance of security with binding legal agreement. We don't submit patents or do marketing, but we create media to accomplish both and work with your other advisors.

All designs represent real-world products created by WaterMark Design, LLC for various actual clients
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